(Served Chilled 冷盤)
Recommended to be consumed at slightly chilled temperature.

Frozen: 2 servings - Sliced Stewed Beef Shank that just need to be thawed and then it will be ready to eat!
Recommendation: Garnish with sesame oil and scallions or cilantro to enjoy!
冷凍(兩包入)- 切好的滷牛腱解凍後即可享用!


About our Stewed Meats/ Lu Wei 滷味

Mama Liang’s stews are from the original recipes created by Mama Liang herself. Our stewed items are cooked and steeped for more than 12 hours.

梁媽媽家的眷村滷味,歷經了四十年家傳的香料、滷包及食譜相傳至今,將食材滷的非常入味。我們的滷味講究的是把味道滷進食材裡面; 經12-16小時的慢火燉煮。完成之後將滷味取出,並保留滷汁、加入更多材料讓味道持續下去,使招牌滷味小菜:豬耳、豬腳、牛腱及牛舌,慢慢吸收滷汁的精華。

有別於其他味道較淡的滷味小菜,通常還需再沾其他醬料提味; 梁媽媽家的滷味因經長時間的烹煮,已經很入味了,依個人喜好加上蔥花或香菜即可享用。

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