Mama and Papa Liang

It started in the sky...

Grandpa Liang was a Taiwan Air Force Pilot and he and his wife (Mama Liang) lived in an Air Force village in Pingtung, Taiwan, where they worked, communed, and broke bread with people from all over China, who like them, fled to Taiwan to escape the oppressive regime gaining power there. The military village where they all found themselves became home for people from nearly every region of China, bringing with them original cooking flair specific to their home province. It didn’t take long for these culinary styles to begin to meld together and it was there in the humble village where the food we serve today originated.
Papa Liang was a respectable Taiwan Air Force Pilot
Mama Liang opened her first restaurant in 1981 in the heart of San Gabriel Valley, California. Her dishes featured this incredibly unique corner of the world - military village style cuisine born from an effort to satisfy the palates of individuals from all over China.

In 1995, Mama Liang retired and not before leaving a mark on Taiwanese cuisine. In an effort to keep the legacy of this truly one of a kind cuisine alive, she taught her kids and grandchildren everything she had learned. This learning experience became a bond for the entire family which gave her descendants the confidence and inspiration to create their own unique dishes.

Liang’s Village is now managed by Mama Liang’s grandchildren. Her grandchildren are now making their mark on her signature cuisine by incorporating their unique experiences and inspirations into her dishes. The strong ties that were forged in the Liang family through cooking tradition ensures the authenticity of every dish.
Papa Liang in his aviators with all of his pupils!
Today, Liang's Village continues the tradition of Taiwanese comfort food at the Cupertino location while also carrying original frozen kits, under the brand, Mama Liang’s. We are very proud to offer a one of a kind menu that has been generations in the making and honors the spirit of Taiwanese dining, and our beloved grandparents. Our goal is to spread the joy of this food that has bonded our family.

Happy Eating! 🍜
Mama Liang’s Family

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