Our story starts with Mama and Papa Liang...

Liang’s Village is proud to be a third generation family-owned and operated business. Our story starts with Papa Liang, a Taiwanese Air Force Pilot. He moved with his wife, Mama Liang, to an Air Force village in Pingtung, Taiwan. The community was woven together with residents from nearly every region of China. Each family brought with them the authentic flavors and recipes of their home provinces. These culinary styles melded together and it was in this humble village where the food we serve today originated — Taiwanese Jianchuan cuisine. As Mama Liang developed her recipes, she honored her own roots and those of who she met along the way, blending flavors from nearly every region of China.
In 1981, Mama Liang made her mark on Taiwanese cuisine when she opened her first restaurant in the heart of San Gabriel Valley, California, bringing these unique flavors to life in the United States. Before Mama Liang retired in 1995, to keep the legacy of this truly one of a kind cuisine alive, she taught her children and grandchildren everything she had learned. This learning experience became a bond for the entire family and now ensures her legacy will live on forever. With quality ingredients and a focus on preserving the authentic flavors of Mama Liang’s recipes, we’re here to share the legacy (and delicious eats!) with our customers every day.
Our goal is to create a culture in our restaurant where we all see and treat each other as family. This is why Liang’s Village is a village! Our community is what makes us thrive. We are proud to offer a one of a kind menu that honors our beloved grandparents and the spirit of Taiwanese Jianchuan cuisine.

Happy Eating! 🍜
Mama Liang’s Family

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