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  • Taiwanese House Pickled Cabbage

    Taiwanese House Pickled Cabbage (眷村泡菜)(Served Chilled 冷盤) Taiwanese cabbage, sliced ginger, carrots, garlic and jalapeños (for an extra kick) soaked in Taiwanese KaoLiang alcohol and Szechuan peppercorn for the perfect...
  • Stewed Bamboo Shoots (油悶筍)

    (Served Chilled 冷盤) Caramelized Shitake Mushrooms slow-cooked with sliced bamboo shoots. Dressed with homemade soy sauce. 爆香過的香菇和慢火燉煮後的細筍,搭配我們獨家自製的醬油。用高溫烹煮使醬油跟爆香的味道進入筍中。
  • Mixed Seaweed (涼拌海帶絲)

    Seaweed noodles mixed with garlic and vinegar. A refreshing dish :) Served Chilled.
  • Wood-ear Mushroom Salad (拌黑木耳)

    Refreshing Wood-ear Mushroom tossed with bell pepper, jalapeño, and garlic.
  • Cold Peanut Noodle (眷村涼麵)

    A Liang's Village favorite! Pingtung Village style cold noodles served with sesame peanut sauce, shredded cucumbers, garlic, and side of chili oil.*Cold noodles are flour based.
  • Sour Cabbage (酸菜)

    Our Sour Cabbage is a great topping for your rice or noodle dishes! Have it at your disposal whenever you need. Served chilled. 16 oz
  • Extra Spicy Chili Oil

    Treat yourself with Mama Liang's specialty Extra Spicy Chili Oil.Slowly caramelized onions, shallots, ginger, and various spices that add fragrance to enhance our oil, then combined with our blends of...
  • Fresh Noodles (新鮮麵條)

    (3 servings 三份) Cook noodles in boiling water (Stir Regularly) "al dente" noodles, boil for 3 mins softer noodles, boil for 4 mins Please note: Noodles should be consumed within...

We will also be offering free deliveries if there are more than 10 orders at the same address (ie. apartment building, office). This will have to be scheduled separately. Please reach out to us if you are interested in this!
若同一地址(例如:辦公室、公寓)有至少10 人訂購我們也會另外提供免費的外送服務. 若您有興趣的話請與我們聯絡!

Due to COVID-19 we are compelled to take extra safety precautionary measure for our deliveries. Thank you for your support.

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