Taiwanese House Pickled Cabbage (眷村泡菜)
(Served Chilled 冷盤)

Meet one of Mama Liang’s Top Dish - House Pickled Cabbage [眷村泡菜].
Taiwanese cabbage, sliced ginger, apples, carrots, garlic and jalapeños (for an extra kick) soaked in Taiwanese KaoLiang alcohol and Szechuan peppercorn for the perfect fermentation for more than 36 hours.

梁媽媽的秘密食譜 - 使用台灣白菜,親手處理過後,加入薑片、紅蘿蔔、蘋果、蒜末、墨西哥辣椒。另外撒上胡椒子;最後用台灣高粱酒浸泡、發酵。這美味的小菜料理醃製共36-48小時.

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