(3 servings 三份)
Slowly stewed minced pork cooked with shallots. A delicious sauce that makes a delicious addition on top of your bowl of rice or noodles. Even better, enjoy it with any of your steamed vegetables or protein.
Note: Comes with sauce only

和油蔥慢火燉煮的肉燥醬,有多種食用方式;白飯或麵加入肉燥之後有提味的效果,使碗中食物瞬間變得特別好吃。 肉燥也可以加在燙過的青菜上,不僅增加了蛋白質攝取,也輕鬆成為最適合的調味醬! 梁媽媽家古早肉燥醬簡單的烹煮步驟,絕對是不簡單的美食!


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