The original Scallion Pancake Wrap was invented by Mama Liang’s son. Growing up in Taiwan, Ivan had always loved beef wraps. After a vacation spent visiting home, he was inspired to create what we now know as the Beef Scallion Wrap. The Taiwanese-style burrito - made with hand-kneaded scallion pancake wrapping around our homemade stewed beef, pickled cabbage and our specialty sauce. Talk about a little bit of crunch, chewiness and umami!

我們獨創的牛肉捲餅是梁媽媽的兒子親自研發出來的。梁先生因為非常喜歡蔥油餅,發現它和我們著名的滷牛腱包在一起吃特別搭! 加上青蔥、香菜、和我們的自製酸菜,每一口都是多層次的美味!

We will also be offering free deliveries if there are more than 10 orders at the same address (ie. apartment building, office). This will have to be scheduled separately. Please reach out to us if you are interested in this!
若同一地址(例如:辦公室、公寓)有至少10 人訂購我們也會另外提供免費的外送服務. 若您有興趣的話請與我們聯絡!

Due to COVID-19 we are compelled to take extra safety precautionary measure for our deliveries. Thank you for your support.

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